Horses are increasingly used as facilitators in a variety of therapies. They provide fun, rhythmic exercise for children with physical and learning disabilities, help veterans cope with post-traumatic stress disorder, and offer teens a way to improve their communication and social skills without passing judgment or leveraging peer pressure. The Foundation will provide and fund education for therapeutic horsemanship program staff and volunteers, and support opportunities for individuals with disabilities to build their horsemanship skills.

“Horses are dang good therapy for people.”Pat Parelli

Therapeutic Horsemanship Center Scholarships

The Parelli Foundation aims to advance the skills of equine specialists, therapists and volunteers via natural horsemanship and to improve the safety and quality of services for clients and their therapy horses. [Read more … ]

2017 Therapeutic Horsemanship Courses

Are you in the Therapeutic Horsemanship field and want to learn about what it takes to achieve well-informed staff and volunteers, happier horses, safer programs and better therapeutic outcomes? If you and other centers have a minimum of 20 participants, please contact to discuss a customized course for your needs.


Inspiring Stories about Therapeutic Horsemanship

There are many ways to involve horses in therapeutic relationships.  Read about what others are doing.

Therapy Horses Do Burn Out

Cryshtal Avera’s initial research on burnout in therapy horses lead the Foundation to select her to guide our Therapeutic Horsemanship Center Best Practices project.

Gail and Ernie

List of Parelli Friendly Therapeutic Centers

This listing is provided to recognize and honor those who use Parelli Natural Horsemanship principles to enhance the mental, emotional and physical health of their herd and to provide a tool to help these centers find and network with one another. [See list…]

Dressage Paralympian Lauren Barwick at the
2014 Parelli Natural Horsemanship “Future of HorseManShip Tour” stop in Perry, GA

Lovingly Used Equipment

Lovingly Used Equipment Needed

Do you have some lovingly used Parelli equipment you are no longer using?  Let us help you donate it to a non-profit therapeutic center, horse welfare center, or youth club. [Read more … ]

More than a Mirror

Shannon Knapp has just completed her most recent book, More Than a Mirror: Horses, Humans and Therapeutic Practices, specifically addressing the role of the horse in EAP/EAL practices, and the role(s) of the Horse Professional. Shannon is EAGALA Advanced Certified, a Parelli Level 2 graduate and is the author of the book, Horse Sense Business Sense, Volume 1, an introduction to starting and running your own Horse Therapy & Learning practice, as well as numerous other resources for Horse Therapy & Learning practices. In addition, Shannon is a Graduate Advisor for Prescott College’s Equine Assisted Learning Masters program, & offers consulting services to those interested in starting their own Horse Therapy & Learning business.