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Make an Investment in Your Personal Growth

The Speakers:

Carol Coppinger
Carol Coppinger
Willard Barth
Willard Barth

Expect heartfelt, inspiring learning that will fill you with laughter while touching you deeply.

Click below to hear excerpts from Living Your Purpose – Columbus

Learn to overcome roadblocks; recognize the best in yourself; and discover ways to find life’s meaning and purpose.

This Audio Features:

Theresa Fincher, Director Philanthropy & Operations for the Parelli Foundation –
“About the Parelli Foundation,” like you have never heard it before

Willard Barth, International Speaker and Business Consultant, Coach (formally with Tony
Robbins), “The Anatomy of Transformation” Extremely powerful tools to use in your life.

Shannon Knapp, Therapeutic Horsemanship Education coordinator for the Parelli
Foundation – Inspirational, moving story on how our programs have influenced lives.

Carol Coppinger, 6★ Master Licensed Parelli Professional
There is only one of her and there is a reason – hear the Carol Coppinger Story!

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